Sunday 18 September 2016

StringBuffer and StringBuilder

13.7 Difference b/w StringBuffer and StringBuilder

Difference between StringBuffer and StringBuilder
  • StringBuilder class has been added in java 1.5 version.
  • StringBuilder having same features like StringBuffer class.
  • StringBuilder objects also mutable as StringBuffer
  1. Every method is synchronized.
  2. This object is thread safe, because it can access only one thread at a time.
  3. Low performance.
  4. Introduced in 1.0 version.
  1. No method is synchronized
  2. This object is not thread safe, because it can access multiple threads simultaneously.
  3. High performance
  4. Introduced in java 1.5 version.
Example for Synchronization : Interview pattern
  • At a time one candidate is allowed to attempt the interview in interview panel.
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