Friday 21 October 2016

What is Operator

What is operator

  • Knowingly or unknowingly everyone is using this operators in regular life.
  • In variables chapter we just learn how to define variables, so in operators’ concept we will get more hands on experience on variables.
  • Operators are symbols; every operator plays a special role to do the corresponding operations to produce the results.
Example 1:

Home Expenses:     
                Monthly Rent       +      Home needful things
                Kid School fee     +       Kids books fee

Youngster employee Expenses:
                Rice Cost is               : 100 rupees
                Breakfast coast is       : 30

                31 days lunch             : 31 x 100 = 3100
                31 days breakfast       : 31 x 30  = 930
My view :
  • Might be every java program will use operators except Hello world program.
    Thanks for your time.