Wednesday 26 October 2016


Hadoop new joiners

This chapter is purely new joiners to Hadoop, welcome to the wonderful world of Hadoop. If you’re completely new to big data, definitely you will find the importance of Hadoop while learning.So, Happy Learning...

Small Data

We are living in the data world. A small story, through this i can define what is small data, in the year of 2000 one of my friend bought laptop(storing capacity 240 GB), from next day wards he started to store the data which exists in different forms like photos, career growth related docs, audios and videos, and his kid also stored videos games data up to 50 GB. After few months later, stored data occupied 239 GB (Please dont ask as why he left 1GB), then he bought again one external hard disk to continue to store the required things. 
  • Storing the data is one time process.
  • We are storing means, definitely we should use the stored data in future. 

Medium Data

Any colleges, school and small companies can storing the medium amount of Data (might be in the form of GB).

Big Data

Seems to be seven letters word which got more popular, but once we start the discussion about this, then i am sure it might takes days to finish, anyway let me define in a simple way. As we have seen in first, if we give a chance to kid to store the data, then he can download and store in the terms of GB's. So think about the Big Big companies like, Google, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking companies, these companies are generating HUGE amount of data on everyday.
  • The New York Stock Exchange generates 3 to 4 Tera bytes of the data per day in terms of trade data.
  • Face book company generates 7 Peta bytes of the data per month in terms of photos, audios, videos, logs and etc.
Every BIG companies are generating huge amount of data on daily basis, we can say this is Big Data.

Data Measurement Table

Thanks for your time.