Tuesday 4 April 2017



  • A group of inter connected racks is called cluster.
  • A rack can be collection of 30 to 40 nodes.

Types of cluster
  1. Single node cluster or Pseudo-distributed cluster
  2. Multi node cluster or fully distributed cluster
Short definition

  • As the word says,  
    • single node cluster means only one node 
    • multi-node cluster means more than one node

Single Node cluster
  • By default, Hadoop is configured to run on standalone mode, as a single Java process. 
  • All services(daemons) run in a single JVM instance.
Multi-Node cluster
  • All services(daemons) run on different JVM instances on different hosts/machines. 
  • It follows a master-slave architecture.
  • Master - Slave architecture means one machine will act as master node which runs on separate machine and other machines will act as slave node which runs on different machines.
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