Sunday 2 April 2017

Data and Information

Data and Information

  • Currently we are living in data world. 
  • Computers and the hosted applications might be generate characters, numbers and symbols while performing operations.
  • We can say this is data.
  • This data is important for future purpose.
  • It resides in electronic devices and might be ordered and unorganized.
  • Sometimes we can say this is raw data also.
  • So, need to store this data for future purpose.
      • Example      :       120557
  • The data may not understand clearly.
  • So, need to process and organize the data and make it structure to get into meaningful.
  • We can say this is information.
  • Basically information will come from data.
  • The characteristics of information are correctness and completeness and meaningful.
    •  Example
      • Date        :          12/05/57
      • Time        :          12:05:57
      • Money     :           $1,20,557
Data vs Information

Data processing
  • Data processing means converting the raw data into meaningful information 

Example 1

  • The history of weather temperature in this world since 100 years is nothing but data.
  • Processing the 100 years of weather data to find out global temperature.
  • After process and organize the data, we can find out the how the global temperature is rising.

Example 2

  • Per month the number of visitors of website ( 
  • The visitors visiting data will be stored in log file.
  • Processing the huge log file data to find out the visitors traffic in specific country.
  • After process and organize the data, we can find out the traffic from specific country, means 
    • From India traffic is more and 
    • From U.S traffic is very less.

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