Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Who is generating

Who is generating Big data?

In this universe big data is generating by,
    1. Humans
    2. Computers
1. Humans

  • Humans used to collect and upload the data into the web.
  • The uploading data can be in the form of photos, audios, videos and mails.
  • Uploading videos into YouTube and Facebook.
  • Once if we calculate total Facebook users uploaded videos in the last month, definitely it might be big data definition.
2. Computers
  • Here I’m not going to explain about what is a computer but we will see how computers are generating big data.
  • Whatever the activities we have done on computer or hosted applications that activities or actions will be logged into a file, we can say this is log file.
  • Every hosted application maintains the log files to get to know the status and users activities of running application.
  • Example: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and weather station.
Thanks for your time.