Wednesday 17 August 2016

History of Java

1.2 History of Java

          Since 20 years already Java got benchmark and proved what is Java, so as a learner be happy to learn Java language.Still coming with upcoming features which are very helpful to develop different type of applications.Today every MNC is using Java either directly or indirectly.Java was developed James Gosling and his team(Mike Sheridan, Patrick Naughton and others) in the year of 1991 at Sun Micro System company.In the year of 2010 Oracle Corporation take over the Java from Sun Micro System.

          Initially Java was called as Oak, later on renamed to Java.To develop Java based programs we need to install JDK software.The full form of JDK is Java Development Kit which provides the tools and libraries and these are helpful to do the Java programs.
  • Syntax is a rule to define instructions to make a program
  • Java got syntactical nature from language.
  • OOPs are principals to define a well architecture programs.
  • Java got these principals from C++ language.
My View
  • Java is not a replacement of C & C++ but i can say its a big improvement (over C/C++) 
  • On top of C & C++ features Java was created to develop all kinds of applications like desktop, web, and distributed applications
  • So, C and C++ are might be a BIG bros to Java.


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