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Java Introduction

1.1 Java Introduction


      Gentle Introduction  

What is Java?
  1. Java is a programming language.
  2. According to my mine, knowingly or unknowingly every day we are wishing or speaking or working with Java.
Why programming language is required?
Smart Explanation :
Once upon a time i planned a journey from Kaikaluru to Bangalore by train
 in India.

My journey in the year of 1990’s .
  • I reached train ticket issuing place by cycle
  • Filled the ticket form (Ticket cost 17 rupees).
  • I tried to join in middle of the Queue but the guys who is waiting in that row not allowed me then i went to last of that row to book a ticket.
  • Finally after some time, i got a chance to book a ticket.
  • Ticket issuer found smile in my face and taken ticket form & 20 rupees and issued ticket but did not given remaining 3 rupees because of no change with him.
  • Thank God, i got a ticket.
  • While booking tickets, if tickets are not available then i need to choose some other options to do journey.
  • Time taken for above process is 30 minutes.
My journey in the year of 20th Century :
  • By holding a cup of coffee, i opened a train ticket providing app in my mobile device.
  • Entered the required details to do the journey and paid money over online.
  • Then got ticket to my mobile number along with wish(Happy Journey).
  • Till coffee not yet over.
  • Time taken here is just minutes.
Hope you understand the answer for why programming language.
computer programs can help to finish the task
  • Quickly (takes less time)
  • Not person dependent
  • Gives better experience to the end user.
  • Keeps the data safely.
    Olden(but golden) 
    days 1990’s

       Now a days
       20th Century
1. Need to reach 
    products market to buy.
1. Online shopping.
2. Need to reach movie 
    theater for buy a ticket
2. Online movie ticket 
3. Letter communication 
   (takes 3 or more days 
    to reach the receiver).
3. Mail communication 
    (might be lesser than a 
    minute to reach the receiver).
4. Need to reach Bank 
    to Withdraw or Deposit 
4. It takes 2 to 3 minutes to 
    transfer money in online 
    banking and withdraw 
    money using ATM.
5. Need to prepare food

5. online order

Like this, we can say many examples, how computer programming language is useful in our regular life.

Programming means,
  • Programming is a process of designing, writing, and maintaining the corresponding source code.
  • This source code might be written in different programming languages (such as C, C++, Java, C++, C#, etc.)
  • Computers ll understand source code and process the instructions then produce the results accordingly.

Thanks for your time.

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